Hey! Thanks for coming…

My name is Aidan Jones, I’m a stand-up comedian based in Melbourne, Australia. Below is a video of a set I did in Newcastle, UK in September 2019, give it a watch, I’m very funny.

Still reading, huh? Sick! Below this are image-links to each episode of my weekly podcast ‘Sitting Under A Tree’, where I talk to people (or sometimes myself) about the stories that shape who we are. Recent highlights include Dave Adams (Episode 88) who writes jingles for commercials on Chinese TV, Riley Quinn (Episode 95) who has written 14 books on political theory and hosts the Trashfuture Podcast, and Caili Christian (Episode 101) who runs Comedy Women’s Association and is a beloved figure in the Melbourne Comedy Scene.

Or Episode 97 where I talk about meeting Fernando, my biological father, for the first time. People seem to like that one.

All the episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, or whatever podcast app you use.

The ‘Dates and Tickets’ tab has dates for places I’m touring and links to buy tickets for those shows. In ‘Hit Me Up’ there’s a mailing list you can sign up to if you wanna hear about what I’m up to a few times a year, and in ‘Writing’ theres links to stuff I’ve written in the past that I still think is okay. That’s it really. Good on ya. x