Having Fun

If you want to skip this and just watch the video you can totally do that, these words below are essentially an extended apology and explanation for the awful quality:


It’s so important to have fun. I’d almost go as far as to say that having fun is the most important thing in life – after food and shelter and not getting shot and whatever basic human rights things you can think of, after being able to stay alive, I reckon it’s fun, and then talking to your Dad.

Yesterday I was alone in my Mum’s house in Adelaide on Boxing Day, and was messing around on the piano, which is something I only get to do maybe five times in a year if I’m lucky. I was having a nice old sing, and found a cool link between Waiting in Vain by Bob Marley, and Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. I was so happy with myself that I filmed it on my laptop, and put it on YouTube. I made myself laugh, I sang to the camera a little, and I was so excited I sent the video to a friend to watch. The sound was shit, but I was enjoying myself – and you can tell, even though the piano is clipping all over the place.

So just now, I spent an hour with a mic plugged into my computer sitting at the piano doing the same thing, trying to recreate the video that I filmed yesterday but with better sound. I couldn’t do it.

I spent the first takes fucking around a bit, trying to get in the mood, I did start to have fun even, then I got a really good take, but realised afterwards that I’d just taken a photo rather than pressing record. I yelled a bunch at the computer and myself, and everything after that was awful. I was embarrassed at the fact that my Mum and Brother could hear me in the rest of the house but weren’t saying anything because they know I’m a delicate flower and I’m just trying to ‘create’… eugh. I feel dirty now even just thinking about it.

Point is, there was no recreating yesterday, and I don’t even know why I was trying. The point of the video isn’t to show off the fact that I can play piano, or that my voice sounds exactly how you’d expect it would after three days’ drinking, a pack of cigarettes, and a lifetime of not being a singer. It’s not about any of that, it’s just about me having fun. I had the idea to film me playing, I did it, the fun was had, and that’s it. Done. Trying to recreate that moment without adding anything to it for myself to enjoy was really just lazy, and I guess if there’s any lesson to be learned here, it’s that if I want to capture moments like this and not have to worry about the sound being shitty, I should just invest in a microphone. But I’m probably not going to do that am I? Because that’s not fun, and I am a child.

Peace, Taco.

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