This year has been big so far, I’ve done a couple of dates of my hour show The Abersham Flat in Adelaide for the Fringe, and then a weekend of shows in Perth, before coming back to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Fest and doing a split show called Triple Dippers with two of my best boiz Luka Muller and Blake Freeman.

In July I’m going to be heading to London to hang out for a month and do shows around the UK, then in August I’m going to be doing The Abersham Flat for THE FULL MONTH in Edinburgh. Dates are August 3-27, in the Cabaret Voltaire Upstairs Room, 10:30pm every day. It’s a free show (pay by donation at the end) with the Laughing Horse Free Fringe, and I’m so excited about it I think I could cry. I probably will at some point, so if you’re in Edinburgh during August, come down to one of the shows to see the results of that.

Also I’ll have copies of The Abersham Flat mini-book, which is a compilation of all the blogs I wrote about the flat and Andy as everything was unfolding in the dying days of 2015. They’ll be available at the end of each show with any donation of £5 or more.

If you’re interested in updates on when I’ll be in your area, sign up to the mailing list and I’ll send geographically targeted emails when I’m around. Also you can drop me a line on the ‘Contacts’ tab of this site. Someone did it today, and it was the coolest thing that’s happened to me all week.

Other than that, I hope you guys are cool.
Peace, Taco.